Secure & Fast Network Connectivity

for the Media and Gaming Industry

Security is key to the digital workflow

Establishing an internet connection from a set to a production studio to send Intellectual Property without strong security can expose you to risks. Cyber attack techniques and malware can be embedded in network traffic to steal assets in transit. To combat these threats, our clients in the video production and gaming industries use Urbanfibre’s Point-to-point Secure Connections that can be established through either a Darkfibre, Wavelength or an Ethernet Private Line.

Urban’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is supported with a 99.99% SLA guaranteed up-time. We provide symmetrical speeds up 10Gbps with unlimited data transfers to match the demand for high bandwidth required to transfer files between multiple locations.



  • A direct line between your internet services provider & your location
  • Ensures a symmetrical bandwidth even during the busiest times of the day
  • Never compete for bandwidth with outside users


  • Transfer critical data instantly & privately up to 10 Gbps
  • Powering connections for point-to-point communications & cloud based services
  • For applications where high-speed, low-latency circuits are needed


  • Completely isolated from the public internet
  • Wavelength offers low latency and low jitter
  • Great for high resolution (up to 8K) video streaming & transfer of imaging data


  • A direct secure connection between two locations
  • Gives you full control & allows for fast transmission of data
  • Companies that need stable, reliable & secure connections benefit most from Dark Fibre


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